лекарственных препаратов

AVETA Corp. – a modern and dynamic company with years of experience of promotion and supply of medicines, especially in the budget sector. Our team of professionals on time and in compliance with all regulatory and logistic requirements of the customer ensures the delivery of medicines in any region of the Russian Federation.

The main activity of the company is distribution of drugs for the treatment of endocrine (primarily diabetes), cardiac disease, TB, and cancer. Along with the supply of modern, original drugs from the large international pharmaceutical companies, in the framework of import substitution we promote the latest Russian drugs, production of which is localized in Russian Federation.

The presence of direct contracts with major international and Russian pharmaceutical companies such as SANOFI, AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk, Baxter, Pharmstandard, Pharmasyntez, allows us to have an effective pricing policy. The products are shipped from the company's warehouse located in Moscow and equipped in accordance with modern requirements for storage and distribution of medicines (Good Storage Practice, Good Distribution Practice).

Today, the company responsibly and without any reclamation, works in 50 regions of the Russian Federation. We are ready for geographic enlargement and expansion of the range of drugs. We are open to mutually beneficial cooperation. Together we can do more.